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Our full line of organic products are tailored to meet each clients individual needs and preferences. Our primary focus is taking care of all of our clients beauty needs by using only the best products on the market!

Our Custom Pink Sugar Whipped Shea Butters are designed to moisturize and invigorate, leaving a faint pleasant scent to compliment your supple skin.

Don’t be fool by commercial imitations. This is 100% REAL RAW AFRICAN SOAP. This soap treats eczema, leaves you squeaky clean! It has a naturally mellow, earthy scent and lathers like crazy… Great for all skin types.

Our Whipped 4B Cream is a Pure Cocoa Butter based Body Cream that is infused with my secret blend of essential oils that are known for their remarkable healing qualities! Our Whipped 4B Cream heals the skin, nourishes the skin, soothes eczema, light heals scrapes and burns , lightens dark spots, existing stretch marks, leaves the skin with a radiant and noticeable glow.

Blue Lotus Essentials Fizzing Bath salt is  infused with essential oils of your choice, which I will pair with a custom blend of flowers, that will take your bath time to the next level.

The Loofah sponge is an all natural product,composed of slightly rough fibers that are very helpful in the exfoliation your skin. In addition to this, it is also beneficial for you to eliminate dead skin cells that will automatically give you smooth, youthful as well as glowing skin It stimulates your skin’s blood circulation. 

Our Ooh La la Lady Wash is a gentle, all natural, foaming vaginal cleanser. It has a very light, fresh, and clean scent, a generous lather and has anti bacterial properties! ***For external use only!***

Founder & OWNER

Dannielle Holmes

The Founder of Blue Lotus Essentials and Organic Skincare Artisan. My goal is to provide quality, organic skin solutions for my clients. As we all know, cancer and fibroids are becoming more and more prevalent. The current scientific studies are showing that these increases are diretly connected to a range of cosmetics, personal care products, cleaners, sunscreens, and vinyl products. Even some of the most expensive skincare products are laced with chemicals most college students cannot readily pronounce…This is what motivated me to start making my own soaps, skin and hair care products. After a bit of self-experimentation, I came up with consistent formulas that I used for myself.
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Wonderful products that can even be tailored to you and Speedy Delivery. if you’re interested in natural blue lotus is the way to go.

Christopher Holmes

I received my products yesterday and I love ❤️ them. I love my soap and shea butter. My skin feels so soft now.

Jan Johnson

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