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Our primary focus is taking care of all of our clients beauty needs.
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Blue Lotus Essentials Wholesale Distributor
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Wholesale Products
Health Beauty and More For Less

BLUE LOTUS ESSENTIALS, offers wholesale merchandise to small & large businesses in the health & beauty industry. We have the lowest prices available, period. If you are interested in buying in bulk, we offer large quantity discounts! Our company offers over years of experience handling small & large quantity orders. We are continuously adding brands to our ever growing inventory.

BLUE LOTUS ESSENTIALS, prides itself as the leader in B2B and online wholesale distribution in health & beauty. Our dynamic & unique approach of bringing the newest and hottest products in the market to retailers & buyers separates BLE from the rest. Attentive customer relations, fast and reliable, refund policy, & always authentic organic products. 

If you’re new to BLUE LOTUS ESSENTIALS make sure to contact a sales agent by emailing

100% Natural Organic Products

With Blue Lotus Essential Beauty is Healthy

The Future of Retail.

We believe it’s very important for our customers to know exactly what products you are buying, this is why we take the time to provide clear photos and detailed descriptions of all our stock.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers receive the quality services that we have built our name on. 

By simplifying the wholesale buying process and bringing together independent brands and retailers from around the world!


Blue Lotus Essentials is featured on @therealmonicabey ‘s The Healer in Heels @mysticcircletv app! Download the app TODAY! It is available for both iPhone and Android, you can find the app in your App Store! Kemetic Yoga just dropped on the app also! 


It smells just like a bowel of Fruit Loops! 😋 If you’re interested in this scent choose any scent and in the description box write “Fruity Loops” we have so many scents there’s way too many to list!



Organic and Natural Ingredients

Ready to start your own beauty product business?

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